I am extremely grateful

to poet Maryanne Hannan, whose advice, encouragement, and timely support have been and continue to be with me and with this journal from the "First Day" of its creation.  See her website:  mhannan.com

to Meredith McCann, editor of Dappled Things, and fellow member of the panel at the USC conference on The Future of the Catholic Literary Imagination.  She has very graciously "made room" for Presence in the field of Catholic literary magazines, sharing ideas and referring poets when space is limited.  I look forward to a very fruitful relationship with Meredith and with Dappled Things and wish to refer all writers of Catholic fiction to them.  Visit their website:   dappledthings.org

to Christine Redman-Waldeyer, associate professor of English at Passaic County Community College in Paterson, NJ, accomplished poet and talented editor of the women's literary journal, Adanna, whose wisdom and grace has provided me with a great model for journal editing as well as much practical advice about creating and maintaining a periodical. Visit:  http://adannajournal.blogspot.com/