Advertising Space

Ads are in black-and-white.

Ad prices are as follows:

*Full-page $200  (6.375" x 9.5") -- a vertical ad

Half-page $100  (5.5" x 4.325")  --  a horizontal ad

Quarter-page  $50  (2.625" x 4")  --  a vertical ad

* The size noted for the full-page ad is the full size of the page. So a bleed ad can be created that will have no margin, or designers can choose to create a margin for their ad.

Ads must be copy-ready in PDF format.

To secure space, e-mail the editor at at any time.  Ads themselves must be submitted by December 15.  Ads should be attached to an e-mail to the editor.  The email should include a name and mailing address for the billing invoice, which will be sent after we receive the ad.