Presence 2017

                Presence 2017


Mary Ann B. Miller              Editor's Statement                        8


ARTIST'S STATEMENT                                                                 

Holly Trostle Brigham         on the Sacred Sisters Project       11


FEATURE POEM                                                                            

Marilyn Nelson                     Saint Catherine of Bologna         15


POEMS IN TRANSLATION                                                          

Dana Gioia, trans.                Autumn Day by R. M. Rilke        18

William Baer, trans.             Portrait by Cecília Meireles        19



Lisa Ampleman                     Luminous Mystery V: This is

                                                            My Body                            21  

Ned Balbo                              His Father's Words                      23

Joseph Bathanti                    Prince Street                                 25

Mark S. Burrows                  First Listening                              27

Laurie Byro                           Prayer from the White

                                                            Angora                              28

Joan Canby                            The day I accepted                       29

Hannah Carr-Murphy          If only all of us could be so

                                                            lucky                                  30

Teresa Carson                       Monica and Augustine,

                                                            AD 387                               31

Catherine Chandler             Traversing the Circle of

                                                            Fifths                                 32

Julie Ann Cook                      Dies Natalis                                   33

Maryann Corbett                  Me and Wittgenstein                   34

                                                Praise Ode to the Customer

                                                            Service Agent                    35

David Craig                           "It's not about cleverness.

                                                            It's about life--                  36

Jim Daniels                           Night Rural                                    37

John F. Deane                       In the Hands of the Living . . .    39

CX Dillhunt                          Morning Prayer, Composed

                                                            Before Venturing Out     40

Kelsey Donk                          i am not sure                                41

Sean Thomas Dougherty    Poem with a Line from

                                                            Kundera                           42

Sandra Duguid                     Knowing Father                           43

Gail Eisenhart                      Cross of Ashes                             44

Linda Nemec Foster            Milan, Ohio                                 45

M. Brett Gaffney                  Angel in the House                    46

Ana Garza G'z                       Judas at the Mount of Olives    48

Luke Hankins                       Aid                                                50

Samuel Hazo                        Last Words Last                           51

Lou Ella Hickman, IWBS     two men                                      53

Anne M. Higgins, DC           The Narcissist's Confession     54

Joshua Hren                          Meditation on Modern

                                               Mathematics and the Music

                                                            of the Spheres                55

Larry Janowski, OFM          Benevolence                                56

Terry Kirts                            The Suicides of Southern

                                                            Illinois                            57

Steven Knepper                    The Broad Top                           59

Dean Kostos                          Mary Magdalene, a Tree          60

Meredith Kunsa                   The Bone Box                             61

Gerry LaFemina                   Shelter                                         62

Michael Hugh Lythgoe       Road Signs                                  64

Marjorie Maddox                 Fifty-Four Percent                     66

D. S. Martin                          St. Paul's Cathedral                    67

Michael Angel Martín         Elk in Church, Source

                                                            Unknown                      68

Meredith McCann                A Carol after Thomas

                                                            Campion                       69

Susan L. Miller                     "Do you believe in the

                                                resurrection of the

                                                            body?                             70

Rhonda Miska                       Evidence                                    72

Carolina Morales                  Thread                                       74

Annabelle Moseley               In the Cardiologist's Office     75

Timothy Murphy                   The Meditator                         76

Madeleine Mysko                  Dear One,                                 77

Angela Alaimo O'Donnell    To Be a Pilgrim                        78

Jeannine M. Pitas                 Augustine's Lover                     79

Michael D. Riley                   Metamorphosis                        81

Lois Roma-Deeley                 [Held Hostage by My

                                                Own Good Opinion of

                                                          Myself]                            83

Edwin Romond                     In High School Seminary        85

Lauren Marie Schmidt         The Rapture                              86

Jessica L. Schnepp                Assignment                                87

Martha Silano                       At the Villa of the Mysteries    88

Alessandra Simmons            Logic                                          90

Jed Stalker                             Marital Bestiary: Turtle            92

Sofia M. Starnes                   Unknowing                                93

Maxine Susman                    Donatello's Penitent

                                                            Magdalene                    94

Victoria Tester                      They Crucified a Man              95

John J. Trause                       Strip Bingo                                 96

Gail Tyson                             Soul Fiesta                                 97

Judith Valente                       Chemotherapy                          98

David F. Vincenti                  Driving at Night                       99

James Matthew Wilson        On a Palm                               100

Rita Wolpert                          Mourning Ritual                     101



Susan Blackwell Ramsey     Six Questions for Brian

                                                           Doyle                            102

J. D. Schraffenberger           “The presence that poetry

                                                requires of us”: An Interview

                                                        with Jennifer Perrine     107


BOOK REVIEWS                                                                            

Angela Alaimo O’Donnell     Upcycling Paumanok

                                                            by Ned Balbo               119

Janet McCann                       The Frangible Hour by

                                                            Catherine Chandler    122

Kevin Brown                         Only So Far

                                                            by Robert Cording      125

Kathleen Hart                       Mercy Wears a Red Dress

                                                            by David Craig            127

Elizabeth Michael Boyle,     99 Poems: New & Selected

            O.P.                                         by Dana Gioia             129

Alan Berecka                         she: robed and wordless

                                                            by Lou Ella Hickman   132

Christine Redman-               A Lightness, A Thirst, or

            Waldeyer                   Nothing at All

                                                            by Adele Kenny            134

Maria Terrone                       True, False, None of the


                                                            by Marjorie Maddox    136

Sheila M.F. O’Connor-         World of Made and Unmade

            Ambrose                                 by Jane Mead                138

Daniel Anderson                   Sand Opera

                                                            by Philip Metres           141

Jon M. Sweeney                    Communion of Saints

                                                            by Susan L. Miller        144

Gladys L. Henderson            A Ship to Hold the World &

                                                The Marionette’s Ascent by

                                                           Annabelle Moseley       147

Dana Gioia                            "Preface" to Devotions

                                                            by Timothy Murphy    149

Sofia M. Starnes                    Still Pilgrim

                                                            by Angela Alaimo

                                                            O’Donnell                      152

Maryanne Hannan                One Crimson Thread

                                                            by Micheal O’Siadhail  154

Kate Daniels                         Scriptorium

                                                            by Melissa Range

                                                Great Bear

                                                            by Cathryn Hankla       157

Susanne Paola Antonetta    Reckless Lovely and

                                                What the Truth Tastes Like

                                                           by Martha Silano           162

Susan L. Miller                     F/poems by Franz Wright          165

Jennifer Ann Jones               The Halo by C. Dale Young      167


LIFE'S WORK                                                                                 

Jim Daniels                           Iconscope: new and selected


                                                            by Peter Oresick            171

Susan L. Miller                     Collected Poems

                                                            by Marie Ponsot            173


POETS’ BIOGRAPHIES                                                           179