Presence 2018

                             Presence 2018



Mary Ann B. Miller              Editor's Statement                           10

ARTIST'S STATEMENT                                                                

Fr. Andrew More

            O'Connor                   on  Ascension                                   12

FEATURE POEM                                                                           

Paul Mariani                         Recovery                                           14

POEMS IN TRANSLATION                                                          

Orlando Ricardo Menes      I've Had a Great Fear                      16

                                                            by José Kozer

                                                Amparo the Nun

                                                            by José Kozer                       16

Rhina P. Espaillat                Sonnet 185: On the Death

                                                of His Majesty King Philip IV

                                                            by Sor Juana Inés

                                                            de la Cruz                            17

                                                Prayer to the Lord

                                                            by Rafael Arévalo

                                                            Martínez                             18

Ann Cefola                             From Treatise of the Robin


                                                            by Hélène Sanguinetti      19

Sharif S. Elmusa &               As You Must, Brother

Gregory Orfalea                               by Ghassan Zaqtan             21

                                                The Last Sight of Land

                                                            by Ghassan Zaqtan            22


John F. Deane                       Enclosed                                          23

Jerry Harp                            Annunciation as Mary

                                              Standing before Botticelli's

                                                            Annunciation                     25

Maria Lisella                         Just One Thing                              26

Brian Volck                           The Feast of Saint James,

                                                Nags Head,

                                                            North Carolina                  28

James Matthew Wilson       To Samuel Hazo                             30



Kelli Russell Agodon           Pyro of the Faithful                         32

Joel Allegretti                       Tea with Genevieve                         33

Jacqueline Bishop                There Was a River In You:              35

Isak Bond                              Suburban Georgic                           36

Elizabeth Michael

            Boyle, OP                 Grand Passion                                   38

Kim Bridgford                      Bethlehem: Mary                             39

Mark S. Burrows                  A Few of the Particulars                 40

Andrew J. Calis                    Prayers for Shaped Nature              41

Paola Corso                          Step Climb                                        42

James Finn Cotter               Before I Was Born                            43

Barbara Crooker                  Trinity College, The Book of

                                                            Kells                                      46

Kate Daniels                         Dog Spelled Backwards                   47

CX Dillhunt                          My Baltimore Catechism, No. 1     48

John Dinolfo                         NICU Prayer                                    49

John Drexel                           Found Among the Lost                  50

Sharif S. Elmusa                   Where the Land Darkens                51

Rhina P. Espaillat                 The Bargain                                      52

Tyler Farrell                          Mystical Daydreaming at the

                                                Autumn Faculty

                                                            Meeting                                53

Tom Furlong                         Chicory in Drought Stays

                                                            Green                                   54

Maria Giura                          The First Time I Smoked                55

Marion Goldstein                 Afterglow                                         56

Rachael Graham                   Sight in the Spiral Galaxy

                                                            M100                                    57

Andrew Laurence                 Failing to Concentrate as I

            Graney                       Try to Read, I Set the Book

                                                on my Desk and Close

                                                            My Eyes                               58

Mia Schilling Grogan           Scapular for a City                         59

Luke Hankins                       A Radiant Obstacle                        60

Maryanne Hannan               When Blooms Are Brief and

                                                            Friends, One Fewer           61

Nathaniel Lee Hansen         Driving My Father-in-Law's

                                                Pickup to His

                                                            Visitation                            62

Jerry Harp                            Ergo                                                   63

John Hart                              Ash Wednesday                              64

Kathleen Hart                      From the Simple Sabotage

                                                            Field Manual                      65

Phyllis Hemann                    Talking to God in the

                                                            Drive-Thru                         66

Cynthia Hogue                      Psalm                                              67

Tina Kelley                            Pantoum Based On Mother

                                                            Theresa's Journal               68

Philip C. Kolin                      The Fugitive River                         69

Cameron Alexander

            Lawrence                   Benediction                                    70

Fr. Thomas Lequin               Heart                                               71

Michael Angel Martín          Confession                                      72

Jane McCafferty                   What Binds Me                               73

Janet McCann                       Late to Mass                                    75

Fran McManus, RSM           After-hours Prayer                          76

Susan L. Miller                     The Work of Hands                        78

Felicia Mitchell                    Bristlecone Pine, Colorado             79

Timothy Murphy                 God Does Not Play Dice                   80

Madeleine Mysko                 Eastertide                                         81

Angela Alaimo O'Donnell    Flannery's Laugh                            82

Gregory Orfalea                   Mater Amata                                     83

Micheal O'Siadhail               Conversation with Marc

                                                            Chagall                                 84

Kathleen O'Toole                 Vigil, Day Three                               86

Christine Valters

            Paintner                     God Among the Pots and Pans      87          

Jeannine M. Pitas                 Rosary                                               88

Karl Plank                             Night-Fight: Jabbok Ford                89

Andrea Potos                        For the Person Who Says

                                                I Hope You Had a Good Time

                                                             in Italy.                                90

Susanna Rich                        Combing Through Hamlet             91

James Silas Rogers              Advice for Walking the Dog

                                                            in Midwinter                      93

Nicole Rollender                  How I Learned to Forgive

                                                            a Good Man                       94

Margaret Rozga                    Amplifying Hope                           96

Nicholas Samaras                 Leipsana                                         98

LeighAnna Schesser             After the Fig Leaves, Eve

                                                             Cuts Her Hair                  99

Janna Schledorn                   What Luis Taught Us

                                                            About Jesus                     100

Anya Silver                            A Prayer in Two Thousand

                                                            Seventeen                       102

Christopher Snook               My First War                               103

Glenn Stowell                        tourniquet                                  105

Maria Terrone                      At a Cathedral Vertical Tour      107

Sally Thomas                       Obscure Constellation in

                                                            February                         108

Judith Valente                      A Place Called Trouble               110

David F. Vincenti                 Prayer at Midlife                         112

Julia Walsh, FSPA               1:30 a.m. summons                       113

Thora Wease                       She Said: "The Bible doesn't

                                              have Answers for Modern

                                                            Problems."                      114

William Woolfitt                   Grassy Branch Pentecostal

                                                            Church, Red Maples     115

Lawrence Wray                    Sacco to Ines                              116


Michael P. Murphy               Poetry, Place, and Prophecy:

                                                An Interview with

                                                            John F. Deane                117

Susan L. Miller                     A Conversation with

                                                            Mary Szybist                  127

BOOK REVIEWS                                                                            

Luke Hankins                       Scape

                                                            by Claire Bateman         136

Ann Ritter                             The 13th Sunday after

                                                            Pentecost by

                                                            Joseph Bathanti              137

Michael Hugh Lythgoe        The Hamlet of Stittville

                                                             by Alan Berecka             141

Jill Baumgaertner                The Paraclete Poetry

                                                            Anthology, edited by

                                                            Mark S. Burrows             143

Susan Spear                          Street View

                                                            by Maryann Corbett      146

Wendy Galgan                      Les Fauves

                                                            by Barbara Crooker        149

Sheila M.F. O'Connor          Accompaniments

            Ambrose                                 by Mary Di Lucia           154

Susan Blackwell Ramsey    The Kind of Brave Y ou

                                                Wanted to Be

                                                            by Brian Doyle               156

Murray Bodo, OFM              In The Beginning Was Love:

                                                Contemplative Words of

                                                            Robert Lax, edited by

                                                            S. T. Georgiou                159

Susan L. Miller                     Spirit Under Construction

                                                            by Jerry Harp                  162

Carol L. Park                        In the Margins

                                                            by Christine Higgins,

                                                            Ann Lolordo,

                                                            Madeleine Mysko,

                                                            and Kathleen O'Toole    165

Paul Mariani                         So Where Are We?

                                                            by Lawrence Joseph         168

Martha Silano                       Abloom & Awry

                                                            by Tina Kelley                  171

Paul Sukys                             Benedict's Daughter

                                                            by Philip C. Kolin            174

Elizabeth Michael Boyle,     To Be the Daylight

            OP                                           by Charlotte Mandel      177

Rosa Mirna Sánchez             Heresies

                                                            by Orlando Ricardo

                                                            Menes                              180

Rebecca Lauren                    The Ego and the Empiricist

                                                            by Derek Mong               183

David Craig                           The Short List of Certainties

                                                            by Lois Roma-Deeley     186

J. D. Schraffenberger           Filthy Labors

                                                            by Lauren Marie

                                                            Schmidt                           188

Lynn Domina                      The Academy of Hay

                                                             by Julia Shipley              191

Mary Di Lucia                       Second Bloom          

                                                            by Anya Silver                 194

Mia Schilling Grogan           After So Many Fires

                                                            by Jeremiah Webster      198

LIFE'S WORK                                                                                 

Dana Gioia                            Brother Beat Meets

                                                            Mr. Everson                    202

Lisa Ampleman                     Plain Unheralded Miracle:

                                                A Look Back at Denise

                                                            Levertov's Poetry           208

POETS’ BIOGRAPHIES                                                             217